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Brenda Cunningham

Member since 2008
Past President

Brenda believes in encouraging professionals at every level of their career. Whether they are seeking upward mobility on the corporate ladder, or they’ve been affected by a layoff, they deserve practical, step-by-step guidance to navigate today’s career marketplace.

An author and encourager, Brenda is known for helping individuals regain confidence in themselves when faced with unplanned or strategic job change. When companies have no other choice, her company offers effective outplacement solutions that helps your valued staff get back to meaningful work, quickly.


Brenda serves as the president for the National Resume Writers’ Association, is a past president of the Resume Writers’ Council of Arizona, and holds credentials in resume writing, job search strategy, interview & compensation coaching, and career management.

Featured in:

Author of Crush the Pink Slip: Get Back to Work in 90 Days

CNN article, Got a job offer but hoping another one comes through? Here's what to do.


Brenda Cunningham
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