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Lucie Yeomans

RWCA Vice President


I take great pride in helping my new college grad and intern clients individually with the latest, on-trend career services. When you work with me, you get me – not a subcontractor, not a bot, not a group, not a writer-in-training. I am truly your career ally.

I am a 6X award-winning resume writer with 7 leading industry certifications in resume writing, LinkedIn/online profiles, job search strategy, interview prep, and graphic resume architecture. I'm really not bragging; I just want you to know why you can trust in my skills and services.

Before starting CareerAlly, I worked 10 years in a Fortune 10 high-tech company, earned a master’s degree, started my own successful marketing company, and served as a journalist at a local newspaper. I have been on both sides of the interview table many times, and I actually enjoy it. (Some might say that is a warped sense of enjoyment!)

Featured in:

Forbes, Resumes for Dummies, Modernize Your Resume, Executive Resumes, Careers Podcast, 2X speaker at National Resume Writer's Association, and more.

Lucie Yeomans
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