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Who We Are

2022 Officers:



President: Rico Burton


Secretary: Maureen McGarrigle

Treasurer: Lori Norris

Vice President: Lucie Yeomans


2020 Officers:

Treasurer, Lori Norris, President, Brenda Cunningham, Secretary, Jeri Hird-Dutcher, Vice President, Rico Burton



In Tribute:

In April of 2016, we lost one of our founding members, Brooke Andrews, to cancer.


Over the years, Brooke led us, guided us, and inspired us to emulate her dedication to quality and professionalism in all our writing endeavors.



HR Forum 2020

The Resume Writers Council of Arizona was created in 1996 to enhance and improve the resume writing profession.


Through continuing education, one-on-one support and interaction with Human Resource professionals, members are able to keep current with changes in the job-search industry.


In addition to maximizing employment opportunities for their clients, RWCA members support on-going community efforts to assist the unemployed by volunteering at resume fairs, job clubs and other organizations, including the City of Phoenix Workforce Connection.


Further, RWCA members offer a variety of workshops to organizations, free of charge, to ensure success in the job market. Click the following link for more information. Career Speakers Bureau

Our Mission:


To enhance and improve the resume writing and career search industry of Arizona; to ensure quality work, fair prices and ethical practices. To remain current with changes in our industry through continuing education and to develop the knowledge necessary to maximize employment opportunities for our clients.



Code of Ethics:s


RWCA members comply with the following Business Code of Ethics:


  • To provide clients with honest, accurate and knowledgeable professional advice and services that will improve their ability to secure appropriate employment.

  • To provide quality work at a fair price.

  • To deliver products and services when promised.

  • To maintain professional discretion and confidentiality.

  • To be honest and truthful at all times; be sensitive to the needs of each individual regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, national origin or economic level.

  • To comply with all legal and professional criteria and codes of business conduct.

  • To participate in continuing education opportunities to ensure clients benefit from our knowledge of new trends and requirement of the job search industry.

  • To participate in community programs designed to assist citizens in securing employment opportunities.


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