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Who Do You Want to Connect With on LinkedIn? by Lori Norris, Get Results Resumes

LinkedIn is one of the top tools to build your professional network and it starts to work for you when you reach 500+ connections. There are three types of people you want to strategically connect with on LinkedIn.

#1 The Advocate: They know you on a personal level. They are usually former co-workers, supervisors, professional colleagues or long-time friends. They make great sounding boards for advice and feedback.

#2 The Strategic Insider: They have insider information on your target company or career. They may serve in your target role, be the company recruiter or in a supervisory role to your target position. A shared common connection makes connecting easy.

#3 The Subject Matter Expert: Seek out industry experts. Their posts can offer insight and advice. They are visible in your target industry and likely to be followed by others in your industry. Gain exposure by providing thoughtful comments and questions on their content.

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