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How to Work with Recruiters by Krista Morris

Here's the thing about working with recruiters...our clients aren't job seekers. They are the companies with pockets deep enough to make the dozens of hours we spend on a search worth it. Our job is to find the perfect match for our clients. So, what's the best way to use this knowledge in a job search?

  1. Develop a relationship with several recruiters. You never know which of us will have the best opportunity.

  2. Build these relationships before you need them! Waiting until you've been laid off is too late.

  3. Don't be so persistent that you turn into a stalker.

  4. Follow the 85% rule - you need to meet a minimum of 85% of the job qualifications to apply. Less than that, and we probably won't pass your resume along to our client.

  5. Please use punctuation in your emails or texts. Remember that we evaluate all forms of communication beginning with how you express yourself in writing.

As always, we hope your job search is short and the job offers plentiful!

Written by: Krista Morris, Virtuoso Resumes & Recruiting

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