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Age Discrimination is Illegal…But It Still Exists: 3 Tips to Overcome It by Brenda Cunningham

Being 55+ in today’s job market seems to be a serious hurdle. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to consider if you fall into this age group and still need to work.

1. Leave the “R” word OFF of your resume - associating yourself with the retired population can leave employers wondering if you still have the desire and energy to do the job.

2. Steer clear of statements on your resume like “35 years of experience” or including your HS / college graduation dates (unless you graduated within the last few years…leave the date off).

3. Stop walking around saying, “you’re too old,” your words are your magnetic force and you may be attracting rejection. Speak life into your job search and show how you’ve kept up with the times, with technology, and how you are adaptable to today’s workplace (the reasons employers are justifying age discrimination).

Brenda M. Cunningham is the CEO of Push Career Management, LLC and President of the RWCA. If you feel stuck and need a professional look into what’s going wrong in your search, schedule a consultation at:

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