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Year's End is a Great Time to Jump Start Your Career By Donna Tucker

With the new year right around the corner, it’s a good time to jump start your career—whether continuing an active job search or exploring new job opportunities with a proactive approach. Yes, companies are dying for employees in the current economy, but they are still very picky about who they hire.

Show your best—and most valuable—self. I hope this check list will be helpful for you. Revamp Your Personal Brand Your personal brand will include your social media profiles, resume, cover letter, portfolio, etc. Pretty much everything that sums you up as a professional.

Clean Up Your Resume - If it’s been some time since you updated your resume, it’s time for a refresh—and be sure to highlight recent achievements and include relevant keywords! Remember the applicant tracking software makes the first cut.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile - LinkedIn profiles should reflect your resume on steroids. Tell some good stories, highlight your accomplishments, demonstrate your value. Build your connections to 500+ and share updates— links, articles, images, quotes ... and comment on the posts of your connections too. You’ll make yourself more visible to recruiters.

Research Companies you might want to work for

Don’t just wait for companies to post jobs; do your research on companies of interest to you and create your own opportunities. Research external rankings and evaluations to be sure the company aligns well with your goals and values while providing a positive work environment. Once you identify the ideal employers, use your networking connections—especially LinkedIn—to find individuals who work there and might “walk in” your resume and put in a good word for you.

Connect with recruiters and headhunters

You can find recruiters online—especially through LinkedIn. Ideally, try to find recruiters or staffing agencies that correlate with your goals and industry. Also reach out discreetly to your personal network for recommendations. Search professionals can help you identify and screen opportunities —and secure interviews.

Network (even if you hate it)

Volunteer - Not only will it raise your spirits by giving back to your community, but you may also open the door to new opportunities—you never know who you may meet along the way.

Say yes to every invitation to get together with friends and colleagues, participate in community job clubs, join industry associations (and attend meetings). Engage!

Build a remote network of connections as well, cultivate your social media contacts.

Consider Gig Work for a While

A temporary position or project work can be a great way to get your foot in the door at one of your targeted companies. You’ll get to know the culture, and you can add this experience to your resume.

Finding a job—that good job—is very different post-pandemic. Technology has advanced the hiring process and remote work is here to stay. Don’t rely on old job search methods. Invest in a professional to help you with your job search documents and guide you, as you seek that perfect job.

Donna Tucker

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